Breast Enhancement Exercise: Push-ups

push up
  • Lie face down on the floor and position your hands between 6 and 24 inches apart. (Putting your hands in different places changes the muscle group you're working. Experiment to see which position produces maximum results for you.)
  • Your palms should be down, in contact with the floor. Your legs and body should be straight and your head should be in line with the spine.
  • Press yourself upwards, fully extending your elbows and supporting the lower body on the toes. Raising yourself slowly maximizes the workout.
  • Lower down again, but do not allow your body to make contact with the floor. Lowering yourself as slowly as possible is best. Don't rush this part!
  • Repeat.

Alternately, for those of us with limited upper-body strength, this exercise can be performed on the knees rather than on the toes. Simply rest your knees on the ground. The rest of the exercise stays the same.

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