Breast Implants Compared to Perfect Curves

Women who want bigger breasts often choose breast implants (breast augmentation surgery). There are other breast enhancement options. There's no reason for you to go through the major breast augmentation surgery and take the risks of future health problems just to get breast enhancement.

Compare Perfect Curves to breast implants:

  Perfect Curves Breast Implants
Price $299.95 (6 months) $5500 + anesthesia costs
Cup size increase 1-3 As much as you want
Number of lost work days 0 5-21 days
General anesthesia risks? No Yes
May cause scarring No Yes
May cause health problems No Yes
May burst and leak No Yes
May prohibit later breast feeding No Yes
Pain? No Yes
Risk of loss of nipple sensation? No Yes
Money-back guarantee Yes No
All-natural Yes No

After receiving breast implants, thousands of women have reported health problems ranging from minor discomfort to lupus. After the risks of general anesthesia, and the 5-21 day recovery period (at least the first five days on pain medication), and then the weeks of sensitivity, the risks of infection, and spending over $5000, these women reported results very similar to those who tried Perfect Curves.

If you're considering breast implants, try Perfect Curves. If you want natural-looking breasts that are firmer and fuller, Perfect Curves may be the answer for you. On the other hand, if you're more comfortable with the expense, risks and procedures of surgery, go ahead and get breast implants.

Herbal Breast Implants

Some women who've tried Perfect Curves call it "herbal breast implants" -- the only difference is, you don't need a doctor. Except your plastic surgeon won't give you your money back if you don't like your breast implants -- either you're stuck with them, or you can have surgery -- again -- to correct any problems with your breast implants.

No wonder thousands of women are trusting Perfect Curves to give them breast enhancement the safe and natural way.

Order Perfect Curves here, and safe yourself the time, expense and risks of breast implant surgery. Get the confidence and beauty that comes with firmer, fuller breasts - it's safer and all-natural.

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